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      1. The complete set of high voltage filter capacitor



        Product introduction and its application field

        TAL type high voltage wave filtering capacitor devices (hereby called devices) are mainly used in fields such as iron & steel, metallurgy, chemical industry. By absorbing the harmonic current produced by the harmonic source, it can improve function of power quality of the system. The device belongs to “passive type” filtering device, mainly composed of filter capacitor, filter reactor and resistor and after precise adjustment, it can make the high order harmonic current at a certain frequency of the filter appear low-impedance, thus absorbing the local harmonic current.

        In operation, the device is connected with the harmonic wave in parallel. Except for the function of filtering harmonic wave, improving power energy quality, it can also deliver capacitive reactive power to the system, adjusting voltage of the network, reducing loss the line and improving availability factor of the power supply equipments.


        Design concept

        Zero’leakage:  all insulators of oil-type product inside the capacitor bank generally apply rolling contact casing pipe and no leakage was guaranteed.

        Lifelong anti-corrosion: material of enclosure of the attachments is stainless steel. The equipment assembly frame is made of aluminum alloy sections.

        It is assembled in building blocks way. It is designed and delivered in a modularized way, and can be immediately used on site.

        It is assembled in building blocks way. It is designed and delivered in a modularized way, and can be immediately used on site.

        Design accuracy: site data testing is continuously executing before design and effect testing after operation, guaranteeing precision of the product design.

        Product features and progressiveness

        TAL type high voltage wave filtering capacitor devices belongs to the passive filter category, mainly composed of filter capacitor and filter reactor, which are properly combined into LC filter devices. Except for the filtering function, the filter even has reactive power compensation function. LC filter devices mainly include single-tuned-filter, double-tuned-filter, high-pass filter, C type filter, etc.

        In practical application, several groups of filters shall be designed as per characteristics, volume and status of reactive power of the harmonic current. Each group of filter matching with the divided group of a certain harmonic wave and filter shall be calculated precisely, making sure to meet both the requirement of filtering harmonic wave and the requirement of reactive power compensation. Meanwhile, harmonic amplification caused by parallel resonance from the filter and the system impedance under an entire frequency condition. Design software developed by our company can provide precise filtering plan fast and reasonably according to concrete characteristics of each user.

        Our products have covered a whole series of 3kV~110kV voltage grades and we can manufacture customized products rated as special voltage grade and special frequency as per demand of the user. 110kv directly linked products have been applied since 2003. Currently, our company has become suppliers who can provide 110kv directly linked products operating the longest time in our country and operating maximally in numbers.

        Filter reactor and filter capacitor used in the device are both produced by our company and they can be followed in the whole process through barcode system. The product capacity deviation is strictly controlled to guarantee accuracy of the LC tune.

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